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The Sauna Cookbook 

 Food for Body and Soul 
A  tribute to Scandinavian cooking and the Finnish sauna tradition. More than 130 carefully chosen recipes balance
traditional and modern culinary culture.


A relaxing and refreshing visit to the sauna combines naturally with good food and drink. The recipes in The Sauna Cookbook offer suggestions for delightful sauna afternoons and evenings - from sauna beverages-and fish baked on the sauna Stove to light salads or festive meals complete with homemade breads and condiments. A special chapter is devoted to traditional Christmas sauna entertaining.

Authors Tuula Kaitila and Edey Saarinen, drawing on both their Finnish and North American cooking experience, provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions, and offer informative and helpful cooks comments.

Hardcover only; 180 pages, color photographs (ISBN 0-9731053-5-6)

A Finnish Christmas Cookbook Recipes and Traditions from the Old Country

A Finnish Christmas Cookbook

by Sargit Warriner and Liisa Krumsieg
"..The authors trace the origin of Finnish Christmas customs to harvest times and many of those rituals are still practiced  today.  A fundamental part of the celebration in Finland is the food preparation that creates a special aroma of Christmas that fills the kitchen and permeates the rest of the house..."

Softcover, Recipes, Illustrations , Color and B&W Photos, Essays- 111 pages

Scandinavian  Feasts

By Beatrice Ojakangas
Softcover, 281 pages

The Great Scandinavian  Baking Book

By Beatrice Ojakangas
Softcover, 318 pages

Scandinavian  Cooking

By Beatrice Ojakangas
Softcover, 296 pages

The Finnish Cookbook

By Beatrice Ojakangas
Hardcover. 250 pages

Sulin Orchard Cookbook
100 Years of Family Farming

picking apples
Collected by Jane Sulin Gillespie
Spiral bound, 160 pages

Finnish Touches

Recipes and Traditions

Finnish Touches

'Fantastically Finnish' revised
 and expanded
softcover, 158 pages, color and black & white photos. illustrations

Fine Finnish Foods

Collected by Gerry Kangas and
Finns for Progress
Spiral bound, 160 pages

Suomi Specialties 

Finnish Celebrations recipes
 and Traditions 
by Sinnikka Grönberg-Garcia


Softcover, 117 pages. illustrations

The Best of Finnish Cooking

The Best of Finnish Cooking
By Taimi Previdi

"The Finnish born author has compiled a delicious array of recipes for every occasion:
  • Authentic Finnish Recipes adapted for the American Kitchen
  • Traditional recipes for main courses, soups, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, and desserts
  • Delicious baking recipes for breads (both sweet and savory), cakes, and cookies.
  • Menus for special holidays such as Easter, Midsummer, and Christmas
  • Finnish names for recipes and an index in both Finnish and English
Ideal for Finns and people of Finnish descent who wish to preserve, discover, or rediscover their culinary heritage."
Softcover, Recipes and Essays- 242 pages

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