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Jean Sibelius & Olin Downes

Music, Friendship, Criticism

By Glenda Dawn Goss
Hardcover, P4 pages, photos

The Life of Jacob J. Hoikka
And His Share of Democratizing the Suomi Synod

By Raymond W. Wargelin
Softcover; 172 pages~photos

Sower of Faith
Andrew Groop

By Toini Peiko Laakso

Softcover, 112 pages, photos

The Soviet Union   Experience

No Home for Us Here

The Mass Annihilation of the Finnish Border-
Hoppers in the Urals in 1938

By Jukka Rislakki and Eila Lahti Argutina

Translated by Richard Impola
Soft cover; 321 pages, photos

Karelian Exodus

Finnish Communities in
North America and Soviet Karelia during the Depression Era
 Edited by Ronald Harpelle, Varpu Limdström
and Alexis Pogorelskin

This book is a collection of articles about the exodus of Finnish Canadians and Finnish Americans to Soviet Karelia in the 1930s. These articles were originally papers presented in March 2004 at a conference in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, dealing with Finnish communities in North America and Soviet Karelia during the Depression. The conference featured speakers from Russia, Finland, Sweden, the United States, and Canada.

The following articles are included:

Lamentations on Mayme Sevander’s Life by’ Raija Warkentin; ‘The Finnish Canadian Communities during the Decade of Depression “by Varpu Lindstrom; Communism and the Co-ops: Recruiting and Financing the Finnish-American Migration to Karelia” by Alexis E. ‘Pegorelskin; Sudbury in the Great Depres­sion: The Tumultuous Years” by Oiva Saarinen and Gerry Tapper; “A Remarkable Place, An Eventful Year: Politics and Recreation ’Minnesota's Mesaba Co-op Park in 1936” by Arnold R. Alanen;

“Murder” in the Bush: The Making of a Modem Myth by Peter Raffo; “From the Frying Pan into the Fire North American Finns in Soviet Karelia” by Tuna Takala; “The Fate of Finnish Canadians in Soviet Karelia” by Eila Lahti-Argutina; “The Soviet Depression and Finnish immigrants in Soviet Karelia” by Markku Kangas­puro; “Framing the Finnish Experience in the Soviet Union: Comparing Finnish and North American Finns” by Imo Vihavainen; “The- Experience of Finnish-North American Writers in Soviet Karelia in the 1930s” by Mike Ylikangas; “Pipeline Accident on Lake Onega: A Study of Ethnic Conflict in Soviet Kare1ia, 1934” by Alexis Pororelskin; “Recruitment of Swedish immigrants to Soviet Karelia” by Kaa Eneberg; “Memories of the North American Depression among Finnish Americans in the Soviet Union” by Helena Miettinen and Raja Warkentin.

A Journal of Finnish Studies special issue

Soft cover, 226 pages, photos, maps, illustrations

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Me and My Life

by Maria Lindrooslindross,Me and My Life

Maria Lindroos was born In Simo, in northern Finland, In 1894, and came to the U.S. In 1916. She lived in various communities - Including Gardner and Winchendon - in north central Massachusetts before settling in Worcester. Prior to her death in the late 1970's she wrote her memoirs which her family had published In 1980.

Second generation Finnish Americans have been quite active in recent years writing and publishing their memoirs. Me and My Life however, is written by a member of the 'first' generation who arrived in the U.S. in the 1910's and it offers a candid, straight-forward look into a whole different era. Over half of the book recounts her life in Finland and the rest is primarily her experiences as a young single woman holding various jobs from maid to textile worker.

It is a fascinating book, well worth reading by anyone with an interest in the Finnish American experience.

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Hard cover, 129 pages

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A History of the Kaleva

Knighthood & the Knights of
By Alfons UkkonenKnights of Kaleva

Translated by Tessa Suurkuukka

Edited by Qiva W. Sanrinen

Softcover; 372 pages. photos

$ 19.95

The Albert Salmi Story

By Sandra Grabman

Who was Albert Salmi? Born of Finnish parents in Brooklyn's Finntown, Albert Salmi had a child­hood he would recall fondly, even though it was plagued by the hardships of the Great Depression. As a teenager he broke the law. But the judge gave him a sentence that turned his life around.

Salmi set his sights for an acting career and, thanks to the GI Bill, got the best training possible. The result was that for forty years he appeared on the Broadway stage (Bus Stop, etc.), national television (Petrocelli, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Kung Fu, The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Lost in Space, I Spy, Dallas, etc., etc.), and in countless films (The Brothers Karamazov, The Unforgiven, Caddyshack, Brubaker, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, etc.).

Sandra Grabman's biography is a loving tribute, combined with many mem­ories from Salmi's family, friends, and co-stars, and includes never-before-published memoirs from the man himself. From humble beginnings — to a highly successful acting career — to a tragic death that shocked the world.  Albert Salmi's story is unlike any other you ll ever read.

Soft cover, 212 pages, 72 photos (Bear Manor Media, ISBN 1-59393-001-1)

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