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Juha  Juha

    by Juhani Aho

A true classic novel in Finnish literature, Juha was written by Juhani Aho, the uncontested grand old man of Finnish Literature at the turn of the 20th century. Juhani Aho was a member of the turn-of-the-century Young Finland (Nuori Suomi) circle of artists that included artist Akseli Gallén-Kallela and composer Jean Sibelius.  

Juha has proven to be a timeless, perpetually relevant work of art, a classic triangle drama with Finnish trappings. Juha has inspired several generations of filmmakers; it has been made into film no less than four times: Mauritz Stiller’s silent movie, 1919 (Johan), Nyrki Tapiovaara’s classic film Juha, 1937 with Aho’s son Björn Soldan as cinematographer, T.J. Särkkä made a colour version in 1957 and, of course, Aki Kaurismäki crowned the effort with his silent, black & white Juha of 1998.

 Juha is characterized by deceptively simple yet multilayered language. The translator, the eminent stylist Dr. Richard Impola, captures the depth of emotion and fine nuances in the relationships, in particular between Marja and Juha.
Introduction by Professor Börje Vähämäki, the University of Toronto.

ISBN   1498-8348
Softcover  172 pages      $20.00

Finnish Short Stories


translated by Inkeri Väänänen-Jensen &
K. Börje Vähämäki

This collection of 32 classic short stories by Finnish authors 1860-1970 has captured the imagination of thousands of readers. They are an excellent cross section of the best prose writers Finland has to offer.


The writing styles display a great variety: from Aleksis Kivi's romanticism to Timo Mukka's stark realism, from Juhani Aho's nationalistic portraits to Veijo Meri's globally universal absurdist stories, from the social realism of Minna Canth to the humor of Veikko Huovinen and from comtemplative Toivo Pekkanen to symbolist Juha Mannerkorpi.

These stories offer an easy opportunity to become acquainted with some of Finland's top writers before 1970.

ISBN: 1-57216-030-6
softcover, 241 pages $ 17.95

The Book


The Winter War

By Antti Tuuri

Translated by Richard Impola

Talvisota (The Winter War) by Finnish novelist Antti Turri is now available in English translation.
The book is Turri's sincere tribute to the Finnish soldiers of the Winter War, the 105-day war following Russia's invasion of Finland in November of 1939. Events are seen through the eyes of Martti Hakala, now an old man, who had been a rank-and-file soldier of the 23rd Infantry regi ment, a unit drawn mainly from the province of Ostroboth nia. Like so many of his countrymen, Matti was called up to defend his country in this national emergency.
The Winter War is based on authentic war diaries, inter views with veterans and other first-hand sources. It is not, however, a documentary. It depicts the reactions of ordinary men to extraordinary circumstances, and what happens to these men when prolonged exposure to violent death and destruction creates an alternative reality, nightmarish and inescapable.
Translator Richard Impola's English rendering of the text recreates the terse, succinct "Hemingway" style for which Tuuri is famous. Tuuri's spare realism is a quiet voice in the thunderous theater of war.
208 pages, soft and hardcover

      Softcover $20 

The movie...

Winter War

The Winter War


Directed by Pekka Parikka

The overwhelming Soviet army ceaselessly stormed tiny Finland's borders with massive artillery, a powerful air force and well-armed infantry for 105 days during the Soviet invasion of 1939-40. What gave the defenders of a small nation the strength to hold back an awesome enemy in the face of countless odds? The Winter War is the first film made about this epic struggle; recounting the war from the soldiers' point of view, letting us experience the brutality of daily life in the trenches. The screen play, based on Antti Tuuri's book Talvisota, is a dignified tribute to the tenacious Finnish heroes who preserved their coun try's independence.

BelIe & Blade Studios 125 mm. abridgment of the origi nal 1988 film.

In Finnish with English subtitles.

Available in both VHS and DVD video formats


  VHS $ 29.95 add $3 for postage & handling per order (Mass, residents must also add
6.25% state sales tax
DVD 29.95 (+ 6.25% state sales tax).

The Kalevala

Epic of the Finnish People

Edited by George C. Schoolfield

Translated by Eino Friberg

Illustrated by Björn Landström
Hard cover, 408 pages.

Color and black &
white illustrations

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Kalle Päätalo's Koillismaa series
in English translation by
Richard Impola


Our Daily Bread

By Kalle Päätälo
Translated by Richard Impola
softcover. 532 pages
$ 20.00

Before the Storm

By Kalle Päätälo
Translated by Richard Impola
Softcover, 433 pages
Sorry; Out of Stock and Out of Print

Storm Over the Land

By Kalle Päätälo
Translated by Richard Impola
Out of Stocks $ 15.00

Afterthe Storm

After the Storm

By Kalle Päätälo
Translated by Richard Impola
Softcover, 422 pages $ 18.00

The Winter of the Black Snow

By Kalle Päätälo
Translated by Richard Impola
Sorry; Out of Stock

A Day in Ostrobothnia

By Antti Tuuriostrobothnia

Translated by Anselm Hollo

Softcover, 225 pages $ 18.00


Red Moon over White Sea

By Laila Hietamiesredmoon

Translated by Börje Vähämäki

Softcover. 351 pages
$ 18.00

The Bride of Life

By  Eeva Joenpeltobride of life

Translated by Rilva Koivu

Softcover, 3 76 pages $ 15.00


Hand in Hand

A Novel

By Tauno Yliruusi

Translated by Richard Impola
Hardcover, 164 pages


Heath Cobblers

(A Comedy in Five Acts) &
(A Tragedy in Five Acts)
by Alekais Kivi

translated by Douglas Robinson

softcover, 216 pages    $ 14.95

Kalevala - graphic Novel

Lönnrot - Friberg - Huitula


The Kalevala is one of the great epics in world literature alongside the Iliad, the Odyssey, Gilgamesh and Nibelungenlied. Elias Lönnrot's (1802-1884) collected, compiled and edited these Finnish epic narrative  folk poems and published his final masterpiece in 1849.

This Kalevala graphic novel is the first and only comic book adaptation of the epic. It contains the entire storyline of the Kalevala from all fifty cantos. Eino Friberg's (1901-1995) masterful translation retains the original beautiful phrasing and captures the essence of the Kalevala. It truly manages to arouse the interest of today's modern reader.

Kristian Huitula (1973-) is an accomplished comic book artist whose visual images show exceptional artistic talent. At last the magic of the Kalevala is finding its way to new audiences in a new form with qualities that makes it perhaps even more intriguing and accessible than ever before.  

ISBN: 952-99022-1-2
Price: $49.00 USD

Seven Brothers

By Aleksis Kivi and
Translated by Richard Impola


Softcover, 280 pages

Rich and Respected

Rich & Respected

by Eeva Joenpelto
translated by Irma Margareta Martin
  softcover, 333 pages $ 15.00


A Literary Companion
Edited by Hildi Hawkins &
Soila Lehtonen
Softcover, 255 pages, photos

$ 24.95

The Kalevala

An Epic Poem after the Oral Tradition

By Elias Lönnrot

Translated by Keith Bosley -
Soft~cover. 679 pages


The Kanteletar

Lyrics and Ballards after the Oral TraditionKanteletar

By  Elias Lönnrot

Translated by Keith Bosley
Softcover, 189 pages
$ 12.95


Reconciliation Reconciliation

Under the North Star 3
by Väinö Linna
Translated by Richard Impola

Reconciliation is the third installment of Väinö Linna's trilogy, Under the North Star (Täällä pohjantähden alla). It depicts the experience of the Koskela family during the sometimes turbulent first decades of Finland independence. Linna's captivating style of writing and psychological understanding of the interaction between individual feelings and social order is here more refined than ever. Reconciliation offers a detailed account of attitudes toward the social reforms that came about as a consequence of the Civil War of 1918. In addition the novel describes the traumas Finland's people experienced during the first 30 years of independence: right wing extremism and the Lapua movement of 1929-32; severe depression in the 1930s; the-Winter War of 1939-40; and the Continuation War of 1941-44. The volume ends with the calm of the first post-World War II years.

 Softcover $30

The Uprising


Under the North Star 2

By Väinö Linna

Translated by Richard Impola

Sorry; Out of Stock
 Softcover $ 23.00

Under the North Star [Vol. 1]

by Väinö LinnaUnder the North

Translated by Richard Impola

Sorry; Out of Stock

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