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Blueberry God

The Education of a Finnish-American

By Reino Nikolai Hannula
Softcover. 252 pages. photos
$ 12.95


The Finn in Me

The Chronicles of a Karelian Emigrant

By Sinnika Grönberg Garcia
Softcover, 116 pages. photos



A Young Finn on Cape Ann

By Waino T. Ray

Ray, A Young Finn on Cape Ann

Hardcover, 140 pages, photos
$ 19.95

Hometown Folks

A Finnish-American Saga

By Gerald F. Carlson,
Softcover, 168 pages, photos



A Finnish-American Couple in·
Stalin's Russia, 1934-41

By Lawrence & Sylvia Hokkanen
With Anita Middleton

Softcover, 139 pages, photos

Me and My Life

by Maria Lindroos

The author, born in northern Finland in 1894, came to the U.S. in 1916.
She recounts growing up in Finland, immigration and life as a
young single woman holding various jobs from
maid to textile worker in north central Massachusetts.

hardcover, 129 pages

lindross,Me and My Life


Helmi Mavis: A Finnish American Girlhood

by Mavis Hiltunen-Biesanz

Growing up in a small farming community in northeastern Minnesota, 1920s & '30s.

softcover, 200 pages. illustrated with photographs and drawings



They Took My Father

They Took My Father

Finnish Americans in Stalin's Russia

By Mayme Sevander with Laurie Hertzel

A riveting memoir of one family's struggle under
a totalitarian regime. Mayme (Corgan) Sevander (1923-2003)
was born in Brule (Wisconsin) and emigrated
with her family to the Soviet Union in 1934.
Instead of a “workers' paradise” they found a deadly nightmare.

Softcover. 190 pages, photographs


The Autobiography of a

 Finnish Immigrant

 by Issac Polvi and edited byJoseph Damrell

Softcover, 196 pages with photographs    $12.95



Remembering Bygone Days
By John I. Kolehmainen

Softcover, 196 pages, photos

$ 10.00

On the Finland Watch
An American Diplomat in
Finland During the Cold War

By James Ford Cooper

383 pages, photos
softcover    $ 19.50
hardcover   $37.50

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