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The Winter War
The Soviet Attack on Finland 1939-40
By Eloise Engle & Lauri Paananen
Softcover; 176 pages, photos
The Miracles of
Finland's Freedom
A Saga in Verse
By Werner Wiskari
Illustrations by Millie Wiskari
Softcover; 32 pages


Finnish History-A Frozen Hell  A Frozen Hell
The Russo-Finnish War of 1939-1940
By William R. Trotter
Softcover, 283 pages, maps and 28 historic photos



Luftwaffe Over Finland
By Kati Stemnan & Kalevi Keskinen
Softcover, 72 pages, color/black & white photos< 

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Finnish Aces of World War 2
By Karl Stenman and
Kalevi Keskinen
Finnish Aces of WW II
Softcover; 96 pages, photos

Finland and the Holocaust

The Rescue of Finland's Jews
By Hannu Rautkallio  Translated by Paul Sjöblom
Published by the Holocaust Library -1987
268 pages, 25 photos
$13.95 Softcover,   $21.95 Hardcover

The Scandinavian American
Family Album

By Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler

Softcover, 127 pages, photos

$ 14.95

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Fire and Ice
   The Winter War of Finland and Russia
Fire and Ice DVD
Produced, directed and written by Ben Strout
A MasterWorks Media Production
DVD Format only:  $20.00

Letters from Karelia
 Father, Brother, Comrade, Spy
Letters from Karelia DVD or VHS
Directed and Edited by Kelly Saxberg
A National Film Board of Canada Production
Available in DVD or VHS format (please specify)   $29.00
Finland from the Inside
Eyewitness Reports of a Finnish-
American Journalist, 1938-97
By Paul Sjoblom
Finland From The Inside
Soft cover; 205 pages    $10.00

Old Friends Strong Ties
Edited by Vilho Niitemaa
Hardcover, 347 pages, photos


Sow the Golden Seed
A History of the Finnish-American
Newspaper RAIVAAJA 1905-55
Sow the Golden Seed
By John I. Kolehmainen
Hardcover; 150 pages, photos

$ 19.95

Ancient Powers
of the
Baltic Sea
An Historical Outline Outline
by Matti Klinge
 An Historical Outline Outlines the Historical background to the events in the Finnish epic, The Kalevala. It discusses the historical developments in Sweden-Finland, Estonia, and the entire Baltic Sea during the Middle Ages, when the sea united the countries border ing on it. Ancient Powers of the Baltic Sea is a significantly updated version in English translation of Professor Klinge's 1984 book Muinaisuutemme merivallat in Finnish and östersjövälden in Swedish. The volume was translated by Professor Ain Haas who is a prominent professor of sociology in the USA. Finland's pre-eminent historian, Matti Klinge has enhanced the book with 75 wonderful historical documents and maps as illustrations. The book has generated some degree of controversy and serves as a thoughtful, eye-opening contribution to Medieval history and the European connections of old.  ISBN: 978-0-9783488-0-9
6" x 9", 198 Pages.   
updated 04.11

valid 4.01

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