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Arno Rafael Minkkinen
$75.00 The Arts Photographs
An autographed collectors edition!

Songs Finland Sings Barbara Helsingius
$21.95 The Arts
Suomi Specialties         

Sinnikka Grönberg-Garcia
$12.95 Finnish Celebrations recipes and Traditions Cookbooks
In Search of Aki Kaurismaki
Andrew Nestigen, Editor

The Arts
Mementos of Finland
A Musical Legacy
Joyce E. Hakala
$28.00 The Arts Finnish immigration kantele players
Kirsti Johanna Virtanen   Experiencing Contemporary Art John 0. Virtanen
The Arts
Historical Dictionary of the Music and Musicians of Finland Ruth-Esther Hillula and Barbara Blanchard Hong
$85.00 The Arts
The Best of Finnish Cooking

By Taimi Previdi
$12.95 Cookbooks
A History of the Kaleva
Knighthood & the Knights of
Alfons Ukkonen
Trans. Tessa Suurkuukka
Ed.  Qiva W. Sanrinen

$19.95 Memoirs
Sower of Faith  Andrew Groop Toini Peiko Laakso
$12.00 Biography
Soldier Under Three Flags H. A. Gill Ill
$14.95 Captain Larry A. Thorne  Biography
The Magic Storysinger M.E.A. McNeil
$ 16.95

From the Finnish Epic Tale Kalevala  Children's Books
Fine Finnish Foods

Collected by Gerry Kangas and
Finns for Progress

$6.95 Cookbooks
Sylvester Ahola The Gloucester Gabriel
Dick Hill

Spotlights and Shadows
The Albert Salmi Story

Sandra Grabman


Robert Layton
$30.00 Biography
Tales from a Finnish Tupa

James Cloyd Bowman and Margery Bianco

$ 9.95 illustrated by Laura Bannon Children's Books
No Home for Us Here

Jukka Rislakki and Eila Lahti Argutina
Translated by Richard Impola

$14.95 The Soviet Union Experience The Mass Annihilation of the Finnish Border-Hoppers in the Urals in 1938
The Life of Jacob J. Hoikka
Raymond W. Wargelin
$12.00  Democratizing the Suomi Synod  Biography
Lasse Viren Olympic Champion
(No longer available)
Anter Raevuoii & Rolf Haikkola
  Road to Moscow  Biography
Spotlights and Shadows,  The Albert Salmi Story
Sandra Grabman

The Magic Story Singer
M.E.A. McNeil

Children's Books  Hardcover, 111pp


Kaarina Brooks
Children's BooksFinnish Folk Tales for Children
Mr. Boo

Hannu Mäkelä  translated by Anselm Hollo

Children's BooksHerra Huu in Finnish

Peikko The Foolish Orge

Kaarina Brooks
$12.00 Children's Books
Kaarina Brooks
Children's BooksFinnish Folk Tales for Children
Jean Sibelius & Olin Downes

Glenda Dawn Goss
$35.00 Music, Friendship, Criticism  Biography
Defiant Sisters,  A Social History of Finnish Immigrant Women In Canada
Varpu Lindstrom

Finnish American History
Some Like It HOT Nicolyn Rajala
$12.95 Sauna    The Sauna, Its Lore and Stories

Finnish Touches  Recipes and Traditions

$14.95 Cookbooks 
'Fantastically Finnish' revised and expanded

Dear Uncle
translated  by Raymond W. Wargelin
$7.00 Finnish American History Letters by J. K Nikander and other Pioneer Pastors
The Sauna Cookbook;  Food for Body and Soul
Tuula Kaitila & Edey Saarinen

FENNI    The Finns Among Us Art Jura
$ 29.50 Finnish American History History of the Finns in New England  and Beyond 
FinnFest USA Robert W. Selvälä
$20.00 Finnish American History The First Decade 1982-92
Finnfun Bernhard Hillila
$12.95 Humor
The F!inn!sh L!ne Bernhard Hillila
$ 12.95 Humor More Finn Fun
The Finnish Cookbook

Beatrice Ojakangas
$14.00 Cookbooks
The Great Scandinavian Baking Book
Beatrice Ojakangas
Scandinavian Feasts
Beatrice Ojakangas
Scandinavian Cooking
Beatrice Ojakangas

In With the Finn Crowd Carl Gawboy
$9.95 Humor  cartoons
The Finnish Imprint
Edited by Liisa A. Liedes
$14.95 Local/Regional HistoryHardcover; 581 pages, photos

History of the Thomson (MN) Farming Area
John A. Mattinen

Local/Regional History  Softcover; 230  pages, photos
The Finns in Newport, New Hampshire
By Olli Turpeinen
$15.00 Local/Regional History
At the Foot of the Beartooth Mountains
Leona Lampi
$24.95 Local/Regional HistoryA History of the Finnish Community of
Red Lodge, Montana

Strength in Diversity
Worcester's Finnish Community    
Nancy E. H. Austin, project manager
$19.95 Local/Regional History A Collection of Photographs and

Finns of Ashburnham, MA    1903-1983
Kaino Waltari Raj ala
$10.00 Local/Regional History
History of the Finns in Michigan By Armas K. E. Hohnio
Translated by Ellen M. Ryynanen

hard $44.95
soft $24.95
Local/Regional History
Charting an Independent Course
Edited by T. Michael Ruddy
$ 14.95 Finland's Place in  the Cold-War And in U S. Foreign Policy Finland-US Relations
Finland and the United States
Edited by Robert Rinehart
$ 12.00 Diplomatic Relations Through Seventy Years Finland-US Relations
Täällä Amerikka.. The Voice of America Calling Finland
John I. Kolehmainen
$7.95 An Essay of USA Shortwave Radio
Broadcasts to Finland 1942-45; 1951-53
Finland-US Relations

A Grave in Karelia By Ernesti J. Komulainen
- Translated by Ritva Koivu

$10.00 Finnish-American Literature
Jonas of Kiivijarvi
- Finnish Freedom Fighter.
Leslie W. Wisuri
$ 12.95 Finnish-American Literature
Vilho-Finnish Freedom Fighter
A Sequel to Jonas of Kiivijarvi

Leslie W. Wisuri
Finnish-American Literature
Maija Tiina Nunnaily
$12.00 Finnish-American Literature
The Fabulous Family - Hölömöläiset Patricia Eilola
$12.95 Finnish-American Literature
Sisu Mother Lempi Kähönen-Wilson
Translated by Richard Impola

$ 14.95 Finnish-American Literature
St. Croix Avenue

Lauri Lemberg Translated by Miriam Leino Eldridge
$ 15.00 Finnish-American Literature
My Big Man Joey Esther Lilley
$10.00 Finnish-American Literature
Below Rollstone Hill

Paula Ivaska Robbins
$12.95 Finnish-American Literature  Growing Up in the Finnish Quarter of Fitchburg  Massachusetts
Connecting Souls Edited by Varpu Lindström &Börje Vähämäki
  $16.00 Finnish-American Literature  Finnish Voices in North America
Down from Basswood Lynn Maria Laitala
$ 16.00 Finnish-American Literature
Impressions of Arvo Laurila
Lauri Anderson

Finnish-American Literature
Misery Bay and other Stories from the Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Lauri Anderson

Finnish-American Literature
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