Finnish Folklore and
Folk Tales

Finnish Folklore

by Leea Virtanen & Thomas DuBois
Softcover 297 pages, photos

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Finnish Proverbs  Finnish Proverbs

translated by by Inkeri Väänänen-Jensen
softcover, 51 pages. illustrations

$ 10.95
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The Fish of Gold and
Other Finnish Folk Tales

Translated by Inkeri Väänänen-Jensen

Softcover, 125 pages, illustrations

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Fragments of Lappish Mythology

Lappish Myths By Lars Levi Laestadius

Translated by Börje Vähämäki

Softcover, 335 pages, illustrations

$ 35.00

Kalevala  Mythology                        
by Julia Y. Pentikäinen translated & edited by Ritva Poom

Softcover, 296 pages, photos, illustrations

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Words of Wisdom and Magic From the Kalevala
Translated by Richard Impola

Words and Wisdom

 Softcover, 78 pages, illustrations

$ 12.95
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updated 03.2011