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The Kalevala

Epic of the Finnish People

Edited by George C. Schoolfield

Translated by Eino Friberg

Illustrated by Björn Landström

Hard cover, 408 pages.

Color and black &
white illustrations

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Featured Selections

Raid and the Blackest Sheep by Harri Nykanen. Raid is a hard-nosed, but

coRaidbyHarriNykanenmpassionate hit man. In our first book, Raid and the Blackest Sheep, Raid travels with an aging criminal Nygren throughout Finland. As they journey northward, Nygren puts his affairs in order, wreaking vengeance on those who have wronged him and paying penance to those he has wronged. Their first stop is at a church, where a sham preacher is fleecing his congregation...
242 Pages, paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9824449-2-4
Price: $12.95

More mysteries:
Helsinki Homicide: Vengeance by Jarkko Sipila
335 Pages, paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9824449-1-7
Price: $12.95

The Dark Side of Helsinki (100 criminal stories) by Jarkko Sipila
ISBN: 9 789513 1999562

Price: $20.00


Reconciliation Reconciliation

Under the North Star 3
by Väinä Linna
Translated by Richard Impola

Reconciliation is the third installment of Väinä Linna's trilogy, Under the North Star (Täällä pohjantähden alla). It depicts the experience of the Koskela family during the sometimes turbulent first decades of Finland independence. Linna's captivating style of writing and psychological understanding of the interaction between individual feelings and social order is here more refined than ever. Reconciliation offers a detailed account of attitudes toward the social reforms that came about as a consequence of the Civil War of 1918. In addition the novel describes the traumas Finland's people experienced during the first 30 years of independence: right wing extremism and the Lapua movement of 1929-32; severe depression in the 1930s; the-Winter War of 1939-40; and the Continuation War of 1941-44. The volume ends with the calm of the first post-World War II years.
Softcover $30.00

The UprisingUprising

Under the North Star 2
By Väinä Linna
Translated by Richard Impola

420 pages Sold Out

Under the North Star [Vol. 1]


by Väinä Linna
Translated by Richard Impola
398 pages Softcover $ Sold Out


The Sauna Cookbook

Food for Body and Soul

Food for Body and Soul is a tribute to Scandinavian cooking and the Finnish sauna tradition. More than 130 carefully chosen recipes balance traditional and modern culinary culture.SaunaCookbook

A relaxing and refreshing visit to the sauna combines naturally with good food and drink. The recipes in The Sauna Cookbook offer suggestions for delightful sauna afternoons and evenings - from sauna beverages-and fish baked on the sauna Stove to light salads or festive meals complete with homemade breads and condiments. A special chapter is devoted to traditional Christmas sauna entertaining.

Authors Tuula Kaitila and Edey Saarinen, drawing on both their Finnish and North American cooking experience, provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions, and offer informative and helpful cooks comments.

Hardcover only; 180 pages, color photographs (ISBN 0-9731053-5-6)

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Documentary Films available from Raivaaja:

Fire and Ice
The Winter War of Finland and Russia
Fire and Ice DVD
Produced, directed and written by Ben Strout

A MasterWorks Media Production

DVD Format only: $20.00

Letters from Karelia
Father, Brother, Comrade, Spy
Letters from Karelia DVD or VHS
Directed and Edited by Kelly Saxberg

A National Film Board of Canada Production

Available in DVD or VHS format (please specify) $29.00

Karelian Exodus

Finnish Communities in
North America and Soviet Karelia during the Depression Era
Edited by Ronald Harpelle, Varpu Limdström
and Alexis Pogorelskin

This book is a collection of articles about the exodus of Finnish Canadians and Finnish Americans to Soviet Karelia in the 1930s. These articles were originally papers presented in March 2004 at a conference in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, dealing with Finnish communities in North America and Soviet Karelia during the Depression. The conference featured speakers from Russia, Finland, Sweden, the United States, and Canada.

The following articles are included:

Lamentations on Mayme Sevander's Life by' Raija Warkentin; 'The Finnish Canadian Communities during the Decade of Depression "by Varpu Lindstrom; Communism and the Co-ops: Recruiting and Financing the Finnish-American Migration to Karelia" by Alexis E. 'Pegorelskin; Sudbury in the Great Depression: The Tumultuous Years" by Oiva Saarinen and Gerry Tapper; "A Remarkable Place, An Eventful Year: Politics and Recreation 'Minnesota's Mesaba Co-op Park in 1936" by Arnold R. Alanen;

"Murder" in the Bush: The Making of a Modem Myth by Peter Raffo; "From the Frying Pan into the Fire North American Finns in Soviet Karelia" by Tuna Takala; "The Fate of Finnish Canadians in Soviet Karelia" by Eila Lahti-Argutina; "The Soviet Depression and Finnish immigrants in Soviet Karelia" by Markku Kangaspuro; "Framing the Finnish Experience in the Soviet Union: Comparing Finnish and North American Finns" by Imo Vihavainen; "The- Experience of Finnish-North American Writers in Soviet Karelia in the 1930s" by Mike Ylikangas; "Pipeline Accident on Lake Onega: A Study of Ethnic Conflict in Soviet Kare1ia, 1934" by Alexis Pororelskin; "Recruitment of Swedish immigrants to Soviet Karelia" by Kaa Eneberg; "Memories of the North American Depression among Finnish Americans in the Soviet Union" by Helena Miettinen and Raja Warkentin.

A Journal of Finnish Studies special issue
Soft cover, 226 pages, photos, maps, illustrations




Juli Wood Quartet

Synkka Metsä

Inspired by Art Farmer's 1964 recording of Swedish folk songs, "To Sweden With Love," Chicago saxophonist Juli Wood delved into her own Finnish heritage for material to explore on her newest recording. With hauntingly beautiful melodies and harmonies that invite new interpretations, Wood and her quartet - with Alejandro Urzagaste on guitar, Clark Sommers on bass and drummer Mike Schlick - create an inspired recording of six traditional Karelian, Finnish and Aland Island songs along with two compositions by famed Finnish musician Matti Jurva. "She weaves her own straight forward statements from the horn with a great deal of heart and a real heaping helping of soul." - Jan-Erik Holmberg, Hufvudstadsbladet/Helsinki.

Track Listing: Lapin Aidin Kehto Laulu (Lapland Mother's Cradle Song); Taivas on Sininen ja Valkoinen (The Sky is Blue and White); Karjalen Kunnaila (Hills of Karelia); Valiakainen (Temporary); Ken Voi Tyynessa Seilata (Who Can Sail the Calm?); Toul on Mun Kultani (There is My Sweetheart); Tuohinen Sormus (Birchbark Ring); Villiruusu (Wild Rose).

Personnel: Juli Wood: tenor saxophone; Alejandro Urzagaste: guitar; Clark Sommers: bass; Mike Schlick: drums.

Record Label: OA2 Records
$ 20



A New England Experience

Edited by Liisa A. Liedes

THE FINNISH IMPRINT is a book chock-full of information about the history of New England's Finns.

Published by the New England
Finnish American Bicentennial Committee 1982

581 pages hard cover
with over 100 photos & illustrations

plus postage & handling
MA residents must also add state sales tax


The Finnish Imprint

The Finnish Imprint is the story of the Finnish immigrants who came to New England in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Their contributions to the history of New England have up to now been told, for the most part, in their own language, in the journals and publications of their various organizations. The fact that this wealth of available source material might soon be lost forever has been a compelling force in the writing of this book for present and future generations.

The editor has painstakingly researched and arranged in chronological order the numerous organizations, detailing their histories according to the amount of available material. Personal experiences of contemporary individuals, as well as stories of organizations by present day members, have been included.

This unique collection of material has been used by the editor to write a fascinating story of the New England Finns who, after surviving the initial shock of arriving in a country whose language and customs were foreign to them, proceeded to establish themselves in their new homeland. They have become an integral part of American business, politics and culture while retaining strong ties of friendship with Finland.

Finnish Folk Tales for Children:

Bear, Finnish Folk Tales for Children

Kaarina Brooks: editor & translator

These folk tales bring back familiar old friends: Foxy, Rabbit, Wolf and, of course, Bear. In this delightful book, Kaarina Brooks serves up English translations of Finnish folk tales that flow like brooks and illustrations that make you feel warm inside.


In a large tree stump the chickadee made a nest and started a family. One day her babies chirped, "Äiti, there's no food! There's no food!" The chickadee flew off in search of food for her hungry brood. While she was gone, Bear came trudging by the stump. The babies said to each other, "Now there's a big hunk of food!" Bear stepped up to the nest. "Is your Äiti home?" he asked.

The stories of Bear Finnish Folk Tales for Children appeal to the imagination and the emotions of children and adults alike and offer universally accessible, yet traditionally Finnish lore.

ISBN: ISBN 0-9737165-1-7
Price: $12.00  SOLD OUT

Mr. Boo

Written & Illustrated by Hannu Mäkelä

HerraHuuTranslated by Ansehn Hollo

Mr. Boo is a most humanlike character who lives an ordinary life, sleeps peacefully and drinks tea. His imagination, however, is boundless in all directions: he always looks at the world in new ways and has an enormous capacity to be amazed. Although he tries to frighten others, he fears many things himself and is fascinated with magic.

Hannu Mäkelä s Mr. Boo - Herra Huu in Finnish - has been a children's book classic ever since its first publication in 1973.

Soft cover, 96 pages $ 13.00

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