Celebrate Finnish Culture Day/Kalevala Day at Saima Park!
Saturday, February 23. 8:00-10:00   Pannukakku Breakfast: Finnish oven pancake, bacon, sausage, fruit, juice, Finnish coffee bread, coffee/tea/cocoa. $8.
10:15-11:30  “Finnish Center at Saima Park: The Next Generation, Workshops”Premier showing of Judith Lindstedt’s film featuring four Kalevala-themed workshops held at Saima   Park in 2018:

  •   Painting demonstration by artist Scott Niemi
  •   Baking Karaljan Piirakka with Joyce Hannula
  •   Sauna talk and fashioning a vasta/vihta from leafy birch branches with Frank Ruosteoja
  •   Making a herder’s horn and weaving a bird with birch bark crafter Elaine Moe

Following the one-hour film, workshop presenters will take questions from the audience.
The film was partially funded with a grant from Finlandia Foundation National.

10:00-3:00  Ski/snowshoe! If there’s enough snow, the trails will be open to the public hotdogs, soups, pulla, and beverages will be for sale beginning at 11:30.

Reminder: The trails are open to members during all daylight hours. Park outside the gate and walk in. For conditions, call Frank Ruosteoja at 978 343-4654.

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