Bergroth Films Request

Dwight Swanson is doing research on Finnish-American home movies and films for a presentation at Finnfest this summer, and one of the centerpieces is going to be the films of George Bergroth. Dwight writes: “I saw them in the documentary that Judith Lindstedt did about Bergroth, and they are the best that I have found anywhere.  I have been trying to find out where the original films have ended up, since Judith only ever had VHS copies. I would like to find the films to help get them preserved or at least digitized in a higher resolution, if possible. I have been in touch with Marita Cauthen, Charlie Huse, and Marian Flinkstrom, but so far keep running into dead ends, since none of them seem to know where the films might be.
If ANYONE has any leads about the location of the films (or at least the video copies, since I haven’t seen all of those), I would greatly appreciate it.”

Dwight Swanson 804-320-1217

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