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The project has passed  important milestones:
  2017 RAIVAAJA newspapers 12/1957-04/2009 are
microfilmed and digitally preserved.
January- October 2018  Newspapers 1944 to 1956 digitized

and preserved (forever) including all 8 of the 50th Anniversary Editions
(follow this link to read them online).

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50th Anniversary Issue           70th Anniversary Issue             A New Format for RAIVAAJA

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from the  Kalevala Program at Saima Park  02/24/2018

Presented by Kirsti Gamage


(Sung) “Olipa impi, ilman tyttö
Kave, Luonnotar korea....”
“She, the virgin of the air,
Luonnotar, the daughter of nature....”

Growing up I heard those words and that music countless times. They comprise the opening phrase of Sibelius’s tone poem for soprano and orchestra entitled “Luonnotar,” which he wrote in 1913. The text is from the first part of the  Kalevala; and like mythological tales from numerous
cultures around the world, it begins with the creation of the world, invoking Luonnotar, the Spirit of Nature and Mother of the Seas.
Today I will share with you my family’s connection to Sibelius’s tone poem “Luonnotar”, to the Finnish-American community, and to the  spirit of Nature that we Finns cherish.
I’d like to start with telling you about the first time my mother met Jean Sibelius. It was 1955 and she was a soloist at the Sibelius Festival in Helsinki, along with Jussi Björling and Kirsten Flagstad.  more


"The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Sveriges
Riksbanks Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2016 to

Born 1948 in London, UK. Ph.D.1974 from Princeton University, NJ,USA.
 Andrew E. Furer Professor of Economics at
Harvard University,Cambridge, MA, USA.

Born 1949 in Helsinki, Finland.
 Ph.D. 1978 from Stanford University, CA,USA.
Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics and Professor
of Economics and Management at
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA.

for their contributions to contract theory"





A Story of a Cooperative by Savele

Follow the following link to browse
through the story by a former editor of

The Story of A Cooperative by Savele Syrjala

COOP Store MainStreet Fitchburg

Former Cooperative Society Store on
Main Street in Fitchburg at the
Location of Workers Credit Union


  Early Photo of
20th Century  Home of
  RAIVAAJA Publishing Company &
Workers Credit Union
Wallace Avenue
 Fitchburg, Massachusetts


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RAIVAAJA Kalenteri Page

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Links to more RAIVAAJA history:

Sow the Golden Seed

by John Ilmari Kolehmainen, ,
Published by Raivaaja (1955)




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RAIVAAJA is a not-for-profit publication owned by the Finnish American community.   It strives to keep its readership informed in Finnish and in English about happenings in Finland and in Finnish communities all over the world.   This kind of information is not usually found in the mainstream American press.  Our Raivaaja staff believes publishing to be the most important way to transmit knowledge of our ethnic history and culture from one generation to the next.  Publishing is also the vital way to communicate current events and issues concerning the future of our Finnish- American  cultural activities. RAIVAAJA provides a forum for this dialog.
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