Finnish Classes w/Saija

Finnish classes in Spring! (and Summer)
Here is the schedule for available Finnish courses. Everything else is in Zoom except Saima Park in Fitchburg, starting in April. 
Attached is the registration form. Please note the registration for Book Clubs April/May and Spoken language classes will be later with a different form. Stay tuned for another email about Suomea Saijan Kanssa in February.

Book Club February and March, Every Monday 60 minutes 7-8 P.M. EST In April and May Book Club is on Sundays 7.30-8.30 P.M. EST– Every Month a different book or author.- Reading and translating- Conversation about the book and authorMaterial provided, $80/ 4 lessons.
FEBRUARY 2/6-2/27 Tommi Kinnunen: NeljäntienristeysMARCH 3/6-3/27 Tove Jansson: SaariAPRIL 4/2-4/23  TBD in FebruaryMAY 5/7-5/28 TBD in February
Finnish Cooking in April. 4/12-4/26 WEDNESDAYS! 8-9 P.M EST.– Finnish food culture- Traditional foods such as salmon, rye and potatoes in everyday kitchen.- Food and kitchen vocabulary to navigate recipes – Learn to prepare Finnish foods.Material provided except all the ingredients since this is in Zoom. $60/ 3 lessons. 
Pronunciation prep in May 5/4-5/25. Every Thursday 8.-8.30 P.M. EST 30 minute tongue twister.– Learn to pronounce- Material provided, $30/ 5 lessons.
Sanakirja 1 Beginners sentences, join to test your skills!- Every Sunday 6.30-7.00 P.M. EST $30/month
Sanakirja 2 Advanced beginners sentences, join to test your skills!- Every Sunday 7.00-7.30 P.M. EST $30/month
Finnish Funny Habits in June 6/7-6/16 Wed-Fri 7-8 P.M. EST $80/6 lessons– Why are Finns the way they are?- What kind of proverbs do they have?- How to understand a Finn?Join to find – or not – an answer to all your questions about this weird culture to support your language studies. In this class let’s talk, craft and change ourselves just a little bit more Finnish! You will also speak Finnish during these lessons.
SPOKEN LANGUAGE CLASSES IN JUNE AND JULY! Choose any to fit in your summer schedule. All spoken classes are $80, material provided. – 2 weeks: Mon, Wed and Thu 7-8 P.M. EST 6/19-6/29 (Intensive for all)- Every Mon for 4 weeks 8-9 P.M 6/19-7/10 (Beginners)- Every Wednesday for 4 weeks 6-7 P.M EST 6/21-7/12 (Advanced)- 2 Weeks: Wed-Fri 7-8 P.M. EST 7/5-7/14 (intensive for all)
FINNISH LESSONS AT SAIMA PARK FITCHBURG MA starts on Monday 4/3 and continue until 6/12. Every Monday except Memorial Day, 2 groups 4-6PM and 6-8 PM.  Please email Saija you want to participate! Form above)

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