Preservation Update

To supporters and friends of RAIVAAJA:

Digital RAIVAAJA Preservation Update August.2019:

  • Since last June, RAIVAAJA, years 1929-1936, (2,430 complete newspapers) were digitized bringing the total preserved to over 12,800 complete RAIVAAJA newspapers.
  • Today, RAIVAAJA newspapers from Jan 1929 to April 2009 (86,290+ pages) are preserved forever on microfilm, in searchable pdf, and as jpeg files. Many complete newspaper examples are on the website.*
  • In addition, all six pages of the first Raivaaja, published on 01/31/1905, is now digitized and preserved* along with two 1915 Raivaaja published books. They are also available for download at
  • Our intent is to make all these files freely available online at a future date.
  • This year, we again thank the Fitchburg Local Cultural Council which awarded the Raivaaja Foundation a grant to continue the digital preservation process. We have added thousands of dollars of many, many individual and organization donor gifts to completely digitize the 1929-1936 RAIVAAJA newspapers and a few important early years archives.
  • We expect to complete most of the 1920’s by year’s end and to continue into the teens while exploring options to film and digitize more of the fragile 1905-1910 archives.
  • Individual newspaper files and searches are available though the Foundation for free. Larger numbers of files are available on CD, DVD, or USB drive for a small donation to cover our media costs. Please ask.

To keep the project going, we do need a continuing source of funds. Each donation, grant, and award gets us a fraction of the way to completing digital preservation of over 100 years of RAIVAAJA archives which will make the photos, the newspapers, and the books available to anyone with access to an Internet connection.

Your support in any amount will help keep this project going. A donation form is available for your use at

08-28-2019 We are very pleased that 105 individuals, and organizations have given over $6,900 in donations and memorial gifts to the Raivaaja Foundation 2018-2019 appeal for preservation of and access to this important Finnish American historical record. Your encouraging notes are gratifying. Supporters are recognized on the donation pages at our website (blog):

Paljon kiitoksia! (Many thanks!)

RAIVAAJA FOUNDATION is a fully qualified 501(c)(3) non profit incorporated in Massachusetts. RAIVAAJA has no paid staff and depends entirely on your generosity to preserve over 114 years of Raivaaja photos, books, and newspapers. Fed. Tax ID 20-­2651367


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