US Women Now Have Universal Suffrage (100yrs Ago in RAIVAAJA)

US women now have universal suffrage 

Tennessee legislature has ratified the 19th Amendment
 to the Constitution 
- - Conservatives are trying to prevent ratification

Nashville, Tenn. Aug. 19th - The Tennessee House yesterday opted
 to join, with 50 votes in favor, 46 against, the Senate’s
 Friday decision of 25 votes in favor and 14 against
 to ratify the proposed 19th Amendment
 to the US Constitution.

Tennessee is the 36th state that has ratified the
 amendment granting American women universal suffrage.
 The amendment becomes the law once Secretary of State
 Bainbridge Colby officially declares it ratified.

The Democrat and Republican votes of the 
Tennessee House were as follows:
In favor: 35 Democrats and 15 Republicans; 
against 34 Democrats and 12 Republicans. 
Absent were one Democrat and two Republicans.

In the Senate, 18 Democrats and 7 Republicans 
voted in favor; 
against three Democrats and one Republican.

An effort to repeal the ratification 

The Speaker of the House Walker, who is one
 of the most vehement opponents of women’s suffrage,
 at last moment changed his vote from a “nay”
 to a “yes” to make it possible, according to 
Parliamentary rules, to readdress the ratification,
 and if possible to repeal it. He has two days
 to present his proposal. The proponents of 
women’s suffrage are determined to be present
 to prevent all repeal efforts. The proponents 
have only a two-vote majority, thus the opponents
 are hoping to get a couple of the supporters 
to miss the session or to get a couple of the
 absentees to join them.

The proponents of women’s suffrage 
say they are certain that there will be 
nothing to prevent millions of American 
women to cast their ballots in the 
Nov. 4th elections. The opponents no doubt 
will try to filibuster the enactment with 
lawsuits, but the general opinion strongly 
supports universal suffrage, and according
to the suffragettes they will be nullified.
Translated by Marita Cauthen 15.08.2020
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