Ted Kennedy at Saima Park 1961


Ted Kennedy at Saima Park 1961

Above is a photograph of Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy taken at Saima Park, Fitchburg (MA), in June 1961.  It was taken at that year’s summer festival of the Fitchburg Council of Cooperatives.  The Council was made up of three co-operatives founded by Finnish immigrants in the early 1900s: United Co-operative Society of Fitchburg, Workers’ Credit Union and United Co-operative Farmers. Workers’ Credit Union is the only one that continues to exist today.  In 2014 it will be celebrating its 100th anniversary.

This photograph is from the archives of the Raivaaja Foundation Inc. It originally came from the photo collection of the former United Co-operative Society of Fitchburg. The Society had a good budget for PR in its heyday.  Many photographs were taken for use in the “Co-op Times,” the Society’s member newsletter.

The photo shows Kennedy speaking from the old program platform that used to be at Saima Park.  It was eventually torn down and replaced by a new platform for the 1970 appearance of Finland’s President Urho Kekkonen.

submitted by J. Ratila

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