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  1. ulla tokola says:

    Hello!I hope that you can help me.I want to found my grandfathers family in Usa.Many years ago my grandfather left Kemijärvi city 1900?,it is in Lappland i Finland.I know only name Kelloniemi and his son was Matias Evert Kelloniemi ,he was married with my grandmother Saima Maria Kelloniemi,Viinikka.I have heard at somebody from Usa has look for Kelloniemi family in Finland but it was many years ago.Lot of greetings from finland .Hauskaa juhannuksen aikaa .Ulla.

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Marita,

    Thank you so much for being willing to post something on the website about our organization!

    As I mentioned we are a High School Exchange program and we are looking for volunteer families to host our Exchange Students for this coming school year. The students attend the local high school and live with the host family while they are here. Students come with their own health insurance and spending money but the family would be responsible for including them at breakfast and dinner and in their daily family life (aside from school of course!).

    We are a non-profit organization and more can be read about us if you go to http://www.effoundation.org

    I have attached a profile of a student we are trying to find a home for. Her name is Siiri and she is from Finland. If you would like to print out her application and show it to potential families in your community, that would be really helpful! She would be arriving in August about a week before school starts (once we find her a host family!)

    Thank you so much for your help and please let me know if you need any other information

    Very best,

    Andrea Birkel

  3. Tassä on ajokorttini:

    For those who wish to take their Massachusetts driver’s exam in Finnish;
    No problem:
    However, a Boston Globe editorial noted in “Driving While Finnish” that there were so few Finnish immigrants and
    in fairness the Commonwealth should make many other languages available.
    The editors did note that one goalie from the Stanley Cup Champion Bruins, Tuuka Rask, should still be able to take his exam in Finnish.

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