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RAIVAAJA is a not-for-profit publication owned by the Finnish American community. It strives to keep its readership informed in Finnish and in English about happenings in Finland and in Finnish communities all over the world.   This kind of information is not usually found in the mainstream American press.  Our Raivaaja staff believes publishing to be the most important way to transmit knowledge of our ethnic history and culture from one generation to the next.  Publishing is also the vital way to communicate current events and issues concerning the future of our Finnish- American  cultural activities. RAIVAAJA provides a forum for this dialog.

The RAIVAAJA Bookstore is in operation and a continuing source of revenue.  Any support through purchase of books and CD’s  will be promptly filled with our thanks for your continuing support.

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  1. Lloyd Hannula says:

    The RAIVAAJA FOUNDATION Bookstore will be at the TORI at the FAHS Hall in Canterbury, CT on Saturday September 8,2018 to welcome old friends and new, and tell of the EXCITING WORK we are doing in preserving 104 years of Raivaaja.
    See you on the 8th in Canterbury,

    Lloyd Hannula

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