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Digital Preservation Update August 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters of RAIVAAJA:

The digital preservation project continues to move forward and now several exciting and important portions are completed and others planned:

  • August- The Foundation digitized another decade (1960-1970) of RAIVAAJA newspapers bringing the total to over 3600 RAIVAAJA newspapers  which is an additional 8905 pages of RAIVAAJA . We find that a few pages are missing or damaged and are searching for replacements.
  • MAY- All newspapers from Dec 1970 to the last issue in April 2009 have been preserved on microfilm, in computer search-able portable document format (pdf), and, in digital jpeg. format. There are 22080 individual pages now on multiple RAIVAAJA hard drives and we will archive all 1.4 Terabyte of the files to a cloud server in addition to maintaining copies locally .  Our intent is to make these files available to all. For the time being, many complete newspapers are available for viewing through our website:
  • All files will be available in the future for on line viewing when web hosting details are worked out. (Individual newspaper files are available though the Foundation for a small donation to cover our costs. Please note that a CD will hold up to 15 issues and a DVD around a year of complete newspapers.)
  • Finlandia Foundation National awarded Raivaaja Foundation $3000 in April to begin the digital preservation process. The award covered about 75% of digital conversion of the 1970-2009 microfilms. We added $1000 of your donor gifts to completely digitize the 1970-2009 films.
  • To keep the project going, we do need a continuing source of funds. Each donation, grant, and award gets us a fraction of the way to completing digital preservation of over 100 years of RAIVAAJA archives which will make the photos, the newspapers, and the books available to anyone with access to an Internet connection. Your support in any amount will help keep this project going and a donation form is attached for your use.

We are very pleased that over 100 donors have given $5750 to the Raivaaja Foundation 2016-2017 appeal for preservation of and access to this important Finnish American historical record. Your encouraging notes are gratifying. (Supporters are recognized on the donation pages at our website (blog):

Paljon kiitoksia!

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Bob Hanninen, Treasurer 08/15/17



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Dear Friends and Supporters of RAIVAAJA:

The digital preservation project is well underway:

  • All newspapers from the years 1977 to the last issue in 2009 have been sorted and delivered to New England Micrographics for microfilming.  The original microfilm rolls will be sent to the Library of Congress along with copies from the Finnish National Library covering the years 1970-1977.  The microfilming is in cooperation with Ross Associates (NYC). Raivaaja Foundation will receive a copy of the 2009-1977 reels and has purchased, at reduced cost, copies of the 1970-1977 reels.  Attached to this update are December ’72 and May ’76  pdf images which Marita and I made from the reels using the computerized reader at the Fitchburg Public Library. Dec051972NYEd (Interestingly,  many libraries have scrapped their microfilm readers.)  Election1976
  • We will digitize as much of the microfilm as funds allow.  That film not digitized can be converted at a later date since the reels are expected to have a lifetime of hundreds of years.  I’ll have more details in February.
  • The newspapers at NE Micrographics cover more than the time of Marita’s tenure at Raivaaja.:Invisible’ Finnish Community Still Has One Proud Voice Left
  • A small project,  the digitization of RAIVAAJA KYMMENEN VUOTTA, was completed in December and we are offering extra copies of the microfilm at cost,  Some .tif images are at and can be used to practice your Finnish.  The .tif photos can be enlarged for better detail.   If you find that a CD is more convenient,  send a small donation to Raivaaja to cover the blank disk and postage,  and I’ll burn one for you.
  • Dennis Hill and the Board applied for a grant from FFN to further the digital preservation process. We believe that we have a good narrative and need and are hopeful.  We will also write other applications.
  • We are gratified that 72  donors have given $3595 to Raivaaja.  Supporters are now on a donations page at our website:  Paljon kiitoksia