“Synkkä Metsä / Dark Forest “

synkka_metsa_cover2“Synkkä Metsä / Dark Forest ”
Chicago based professional jazz saxophonist Juli Wood has recorded a CD of Finnish folk songs played in jazz styles.  All four of her grandparents immigrated to the US from Finland and settled in Minnesota.

“All of my grandparents immigrated to the US from Pohjonmaa in the early 20th century. They were from Oulu, Haapajarvi, Pyhajarvi, and Alavieska.They ended up in Duluth MN and the Iron Range.  I have been traveling to Finland almost every summer for the last 15 years to play jazz music with some wonderful Finnish musicians in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. My parents were great supporters of the Salolampi language camp in Bemidji MN. I’ve been there several times with my mother, Miriam Hendrickson. At Salolampi I heard many of the folk songs that are on my CD. Because I’m a professional jazz saxophonist, I decided to record the Finnish folk songs as instrumental pieces in jazz styles.Here’s a link to hear some samples on my website – www.juliwoodsax.com  People wishing to purchase “Synkkä Metsä / Dark Forest ” can send a $20 check or money order ( includes postage and handling )to Juli Wood, 5806 N Artesian Ave, Chicago , IL 60659. Kiitos ! Juli Wood”

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